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Pixie Kingdom is a delightful children’s property that centers on a fantasy world filled with tiny pixies who light up the days and the nights with glow wands and hidden surprises. The primary demographic is girls 3 to 7.  Developed as a toy line, with potential for an extended consumer products program and entertainment, the program includes the cutest dolls ever, whimsical playsets with charming houses, adorable critters, and itty bitty accessories that little girls will love.  Driven by imagination and accented with touches of technology, Pixie Kingdom brings a newness to the market that has the potential to create demand, and sustain a collectible brand with its many unique qualities.

Pixie Kingdom invites little friends into their miniature world of wonder and surprise.  With many fantasy lands to visit, Pixie Kingdom has a variety of themes that offer multiple ways to play.  Come to Shirewood, where Pixie elves and fairies play pranks, and dragons are friends. Where Pixie princesses ride in carriages drawn by winged unicorns, and colorful toadstools hide tiny surprises.

Visit with Pixies from Sweet Treats Meadows where candies decorate the countryside.  With pop--top lollipops and peppermint stick forests, everything is magically yummy, and little friends are made of sugar and spice and everything is oh, so nice!

A flutter of wings, or wave of a tail, Pixie Kingdom has sprites from every corner of their playful world.  In the undersea land of  Coral Cove, Mermaid Pixies swim with  tiny starfish and playful sea horses.  Join in the fun while you search for hidden treasures tucked inside clam shells.  There’s lot more secrets to discover in Pixie Kingdom.

Pixie Kingdom is available for licensing and entertainment.  Contact us for more info!


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