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Daisy Dew Drop and the Rainbow Garden Girls is a fresh, new property with a primary demographic of girls

3 to 7.  This charming program has incredible potential as a global entertainment program for television or web, with extensive consumer products opportunities for a wide range of merchandise including dolls, toys, games, apparel, accessories, home decor, publishing , digital content products, and so much more.  With over 35 Garden Girls, the collectibility factor is a major asset, with an endless stream of potential characters. 

We invite you to enter this fanciful world and meet the unique and colorful multi-floral cast of friends who are sure to charm and delight young girls the world over. 

                                                                                   Property Overview


Daisy and her flower girl friends live and play in the whimsical Rainbow Garden, where magic and nature come together.  Daisy is the heart and center of the program, and she wears a magical locket that provides an enchanting twist in each story.  Each of the other Rainbow Garden Girls are truly unique, and globally diverse.  The supporting cast for the story line includes parental figures, funny and quirky characters, and a few troublemakers. The garden itself is an incredibly lush, colorful, alive, and creatively organic environment.

The program is intended to entertain, infused with a subtle learning curriculum with stories based on friendship and fun, manners, sharing, learning life’s simple lessons, and caring for their garden world.  Whether it’s singing, dancing, parties, or parades, there’s always something fun going on.  Join Daisy and her friends, Honey Marigold, Lily Stargazer, Belinda Buttercup, and all the others, on their adventures in the Rainbow Garden, where there’s a lesson to be learned everyday about the relationships between all living things in the garden.  And where a just a sprinkle of enchanted pollen dust from Daisy’s heart locket helps keep the garden blooming.

Please click on the slideshow buttons below to learn more about the potential of this adorable property available for licensing, entertainment, and many other possibilities.  


Daisy Dew Drop in "Hide 'n Seek Surprise" picture book is available on amazon.
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