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Cuddle Tails is a toy and product concept line developed for children, ages 4 and up, with additional potential as an entertainment property.  They are soft, fuzzy, plush friends with super long tails that have a special light-up feature and add-on tail accessories. 


The Cuddle Tails collection consists of a menagerie of countless fantasy animals, each with their own distinctive look and personality and fur styling.  Kids will love their soft, huggability, and the special light-up tail feature will make Cuddle Tails their favorite night time friend.  With so many Cuddle Tails to choose from, kids will want to collect them all. 


Take a look and see just how fun Cuddle Tails can be!

Cuddle Tails are available for entertainment and licensing.

Contact us for more information!

the Raccoon

the Kitty

the Unicorn

the Parrot

the Golden Monkey

the Tiger

the Little Dragon

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