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Come aboard the Baja Boat with Chango Bongo and the Band as they travel the world in search of adventures that introduce kids to global music styles infused with ethnic culture, and showcase the indigenous wild kingdom of each region they visit.
    Together, Chango the monkey, Mimi the frog, Zuma the macaw, Sam the sea turtle, Diaz thec ucaracha, and Chiquito the marmoset, combine their talents to play a variety of musical compositions with a Latin twist.

Half tiki hut, half cruise ship, The Baja Boat, is anchored somewhere along the Pacific coast, and serves as a home-away-from-home for the captain and crew. Each journey begins with a spin on the musical globe, which pinpoints their next destination. A crossed-eyed Captain Pelicano charts a wacky course that manages to somehow get them safely to port.
    And when the band hooks up with local musicians, they get a demonstration of their unique instruments while learning fun aspects about the native culture.  The new friends end their visit with a global-mix jam session.  And as the sun sets into the sea, the Baja Boat drifts off on a song in search a new musical adventure.

Chango Bongo is available for entertainment and licensing.  Contact us for information!

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