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Elvon is a dwarf elephant, who is, of course, pink.  Elvon came to be when he popped out of a coconut that fell from a palm tree on a magical floating island.  A happy-go-lucky pachyderm, Elvon constantly trips into troublsome situations, but manages to come out better on the other end.  With his unlikely best friends, Tino the Toucan, and Paddy the Polar Bear, they begin their adventures on Elvon’s Island and find more friends along the way.

Elvon’s Island is a unique and lively children’s property about a pink elephant and a menagerie of kooky creatures that inhabit the Island, which make for a wonderful assortment of characters.  Flying parrot fish, rainbow monkeys, singing frogs, dragon iguanas, glowing snails, a jack-o-lope, cabbits, a liger, and even some talking fruit create an imaginary zoo of fun and fantasy.  Created for kids 3 - 7, Elvon’s Island is perfect for entertainment and consumer products.

As Elvon’s Island floats around the globe, new creatures come along, even extinct ones.  With a dodo and an archaeopteryx, penguins and platypuses, anything is a possiblity.  

Elvon's Island is available for licensing and entertainment. 

To find out more about Elvon contact us!

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