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Milo and the Star Scouts is an exciting children’s property that brings the future to the present in action filled adventures where science fiction is no longer fiction.  Geared towards entertainment, media, and consumer products, the primary demographic is 5 to 11 year old boys and girls.  This property is perfectly positioned for licensing opportunities for tech toys and games, as well as traditional products. 

The story begins with Milo Wolf, a 10 year old boy living in a small  Nevada desert town, with dreams of exploring space and becoming an astronaut.  He and his friends have formed the Star Scouts Club, where they search the skies each night for evidence of life beyond the planet Earth.  One night, Milo watches as a light streaks across the desert, and he follows the green glow to the ancient site where he discovers a visitor from another world.

While on a mission from his planet Zebulon, Jet’s space ship is sucked from it’s galaxy into a black hole that spits it out in the Milky Way.  Until the Zebulon Astro Command (aka ZAC) can find the coordinates back to their own universe, they’re stuck on Earth.  Milo and Jet form an alliance to find a way to send the ZAC’s home.  But, with resources running out on their ship, they’re forced to move in with Earthlings and are adopted into families across the planet, forming the "Adopt andAlien" program.  With the relentless pursuit of the shadowy “Men in Black”, who suspect the alien’s presence, but are confounded by the lack of evidence, the Star Scouts manage to keep one step ahead of them.

Milo & the Star Scouts property is available for licensing and entertainment.  Please contact us for more info!

"Adopt an Alien" is an extensive collectible program based on the Milo property.

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