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Bob Prado

Partner / creative director

Bob is an incredibly talented character artist, illustrator, and product designer.  With 25 years in creative positions - 16 of them at Disney in Imagineering, Buena Vista Home Video, Consumer Products, and the Disney Store.  Bob became an expert at capturing the emotions of many of the planet’s best loved characters for style guides and products, ranging from toys to costumes, and countless other items.  Working with licensees and overseas manufacturers to customize products provided him expertise in balancing manufacturing capabilities with sales targets, while ensuring brand integrity and product quality.  At the Disney Store, Bob lead the concept direction for product and marketing, showcasing unique ideas for upcoming film releases, while demonstrating new approaches for revitalizing existing properties.  A virtual fountain of ideas, Bob has an extraordinary gift for creating wonderful characters within imaginative worlds, resulting in magical storytelling.  At Dreamdust Studios, Bob is translating these talents from dreams into realities that are sure to delight children and their families throughout the world.

Chris Antoine

Partner / creative director

Chris has over 25 years of experience as a creative professional with an exceptionally strong background in graphics, product design, and project management.  With senior design management and director positions at Disney and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, she held key roles in concept development, graphic design, product design, style guides, trends, licensee relationships, presentations, product pitches, and brand management.  With such a varied background, she gained first-hand knowledge and expertise on how licensors, manufacturers, and retailers combine strategies for success in the market.  
     This wealth of experience has provided Chris with the rare combination of creative + business acumen.  She has not only the talent to create content, but also the rare ability to understand and strategize how to translate brand assets to product design, packaging, marketing, and retail, creating a seamless and successful process.  With a passion for kids and cute, she feels Dreamdust Studios is a dream come true, where the sky’s the limit.    

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